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I remember a man and woman, orange with fire light

One of them strums a guitar, their silhouettes are huge against the red desert stars, they sing "I feel so broke up I wanna go home."

for my fourteenth birthday I received The Beatles 1 album, I had never heard the Beatles before but from the first notes of Love Me Do I walked out of some dark space in my mind into the bright sunshine of a June day.

sometime when I was really small I watched Alice's Restaurant,

it occurs to me now what an impact the film must have had on me,

it painted this vivid picture in my child's mind of a different way of living.

It has  never been chronological events but rather particular moments in life that have created my trajectory.


I'm riding shot in my father's pickup 

he sings Swing Low Sweet Chariot as the trees give way to the valley below.

It's been a long time

and I am not a believer, still today I hear that song and I know there are Angels coming for me from the other side of Jordan.





I Don't Get What I WantIda York
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Tinkerbell (Acoustic)Ida York
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